What's the best way to get baby clothes cheap for babies first year?

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Preparing for babies can be expensive, from the crib to the car seat, to the impending hospital bills, it all adds up, and every little savings counts. Some of these expenses will continue for the rest of their lives, one of these being clothes. Babies spit up, drool, pee, and poop and often all of this will get on their clothes, there may be days where they need to be changed ten times. Bottom line, you’re going to need a lot of clothes, unless you want to be tied to your washer and dryer 24/7 of course. For those of you who aren’t into that, here are three effortless ways to prepare for your little bundle of joy without spending thousands on clothes alone.

1 .Ask your guests to buy sizes other than newborn and 0-3 month, and clothes for other seasons.

When a new baby comes along everyone is eager to shower them with cute outfits, when my son was born I didn’t even register for clothes and I still got a dresser full of clothes, that’s just what people love to give. The problem is that usually they only buy newborn, or 0-3 month and babies grow out of these quickly, some may not even fit into newborn sizes at all. Some babies are chunky, and they just won’t fit into those tiny little newborn outfits, and that’s okay. So, to prepare for the likelihood that yours won’t, or won’t for very long, ask your guests to forgo the newborn sizes and buy 0-3 months and larger. This gives your little one a little more time to grow into their new threads.They won’t be that small forever though so don't be afraid to ask them to buy clothes in other sizes as well, I would say up to 12 months, at least. This way when it’s time to clean out junior’s closet you’ll still have clothes in the next size up.

If the weather where you live is anything like where I do, it could be sunny in the morning and a blizzard by noon. So, make sure to ask your guests to buy some clothes for other seasons besides the one your baby will be born in. My son was born in June and my cousin, who’s little boy is a year and a half older than mine, bought me a snow suit for him and it was a god send. With our weather being as unpredictable as it can be around me you never quite know when the snow will truly start, so having something like that before you need it a great stress relief.

2. Ask all your friends and relatives with young kids for hand-me-downs

This may seem like common sense to a lot of people, but I know so many friends that never even thought to ask their friends that were parents for old hand-me-downs. If they have kids two or younger then there’s a good chance that they still have baby clothes lying around (I mean what else are closets for, right?) and they will be extremely happy to unload, I mean give it all to you. This will also be true of toys and old baby gear as well.

3. Check you’re your town for discount stores that sell clothes

When my son was little we were driving around one weekend and we stumbled upon a consignment shop, just for kids. We never knew it existed before and it was cheaper than the chain of them that some of you may be familiar with and we were able to get a whole new season of clothes for under $50. This started a new trend, I just started looking for baby clothes, and I found them in places I never knew sold them like dollar stores and Aldi. I also took the time to go to all the thrift stores in my area and scour their baby sections for clothes and found which ones seemed decent and which ones weren’t worth bothering to look at.

The good thing about places like thrift stores and consignment shops is that you can often get onesies or pants for as little as $1, allowing you to splurge if there’s a few nicer things that you think baby absolutely must have, like those adorable but mostly pointless crib shoes. Another good thing is that by buying the bulk of the baby clothes cheap is that when your little darling starts throwing their peas and dumping spaghetti on their shirt, at least they'll have plenty of clothes to change into.

At the end of the day, if you follow these three simple steps then buying new baby clothes cheap will be a snap, much easier than the snap's on those onesies at 4 in the morning.

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