How to get the Most out of Inexpensive Baby Clothing

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If you are raising your baby on a budget, you should purchase enough clothing for them to be clean and warm at all times without wasting money on designer names or too many articles of clothing. Below are some easy ways to save money on your baby's wardrobe.

Begin by making your baby's clothing last longer. Newborns are not very hard on their clothing. Until your baby starts crawling outdoors or walking, you only have to worry about poop stains and your baby outgrowing their clothing. Both of these situations are inevitable, but there are ways to combat them.

To avoid staining, rinse your baby's soiled clothing in cold water as soon as possible. If stains are particularly persistent, allow the garment to soak with a little detergent for a few hours. Another great way to prevent staining, which is also pocket-book friendly, is to solely breastfeed for as long as possible, as breastfed poop tends to rinse off more easily.

While you can't control how quickly your baby grows, and you wouldn't want to, you can increase the amount of time your baby spends in each garment. If you start your baby in a garment while it is still relatively loose, you may get a few more weeks of use out of it before you have to retire it.

Another thing you can do to get more use out of fewer articles of clothing is to wash it more often. To increase the lifespan of your own clothing you want to wash them as little as possible. However, since your baby will likely outgrow his or her clothing before it is destroyed by over washing, feel free to wash it often. If you are cloth diapering to save money, you will have to do laundry every other day anyways. By throwing in a few items of your baby's clothing with the diapers you can rotate fewer items, more often.

When you do have to buy new clothing for your baby, consider buying used or setting up a swap with other parents. Since infants often outgrow their clothing before it wears out, used clothing stores often have high quality, inexpensive baby clothing. In fact, many people buy too much clothing for their babies and so you may find "used" items that have never been worn.

Also, keep in mind the practicality of your baby's clothing when you make purchases. Shirts and pants modeled after grown-up clothing are adorable, but are often difficult to put on and take off. This means that those cute baby jeans you are thinking about purchasing may be used once or twice before you decide you would rather spend the time it takes to dress your baby out on a walk or playing games. Try to avoid these items altogether and instead, opt for snapping or zippered items.

Luckily, many people love to give inexpensive baby clothing as gifts, so you might not have to worry about your clothing budget. However, whenever you need to make a new purchase, keep these tips in mind.

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